Learning to Paramotor


Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird?

Airworks can make that dream a reality. Paramotoring can be enjoyed by people of fourteen or over - you can learn to paramotor in as few as twelve days, ten if you don’t mind spending money on a few replacement propellers.

With our expert tuition you will quickly develop the technique to become a competent pilot; strength is not a requirement now that the CAA have permitted the use of wheeled trikes.

We have private sites for all wind directions and excellent classroom facilities equipped for all your needs.

Alongside our centre is Winging It's fully stocked shop of paramotors, paragliders, hang gliders and associated equipment. The cheapest way to start out is to buy a package deal from them including training and equipment.

To discuss your needs please feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat, call us on (01273)434002 or email info@airworks.co.uk.

Training Courses & Gifts


Paramotoring 7 day Club Pilot Course - £1299

The Elementary Pilot to Club Pilot course builds further on the knowledge you have gained during your EP course. More importantly, once you have purchased your equipment from us, we will teach you until you achieve CP, even if it takes 40 days! We will teach you greater control, flying even higher and longer than before, until you have achieved your first soaring and cross country flights.

Our Club Pilot training includes the soaring, top landing and slope landing skills rarely taught abroad but required to fly safely in the UK. We will build further on the theory, giving you a greater knowledge of our flying sites, the weather, air law, theory of flight and general airmanship.

Once qualified, you will initially be free to fly unsupervised, within 2 Nm of your launch point, but we do prefer you to stick around and fly with us until you are truly competent!. You will need to join the BHPA as a full member (£148/year) when you arrive here.

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Fast Tracking and Upgrading to a course

We have, with no shadow of doubt, the most committed group of instructors, dedicated to actually teaching you to fly. We go the extra distance every time to ensure that your learning experience is both enjoyable and effective. We don't offer any gimmicky fast tracking options; all of our students are on the fast track if they so desire, we don't charge extra, you just need to be available. Alternatively, if you wish to learn at a more sedate pace, we can help there too. If you have completed a taster day with us or another BHPA school and you wish to progress your training towards Club Pilot(Novice) level please select the appropriate upgrade below. You will have to join the BHPA as a full member (currently £148p.a.) when you come for your next days training:

Upgrade Taster Day to Elementary Pilot - £580  Add to basket.

Upgrade Taster Day to Club Pilot - £1719

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Trike Training - £1799

Lightweight trikes have recently been permitted by the CAA.
The conversion course from hill to power is the standard conversion, but the 14 day direct access course which involves a lot of pushing engineless trikes up hills typically for disabled pilots, is available here.

Beginner to Club Pilot Power (wheeled launches only) - £1799   Add to basket.

N.B. The BHPA, wisely, do not sanction dual paramotor flights.

N.B. The legal minimum age is 14, there is no upper age limit.

Find Us

Airworks Paragliding Centre |BHPA Registered School No. 282 | Unit 4 Stone Cross Farm Industrial Estate | LAUGHTON | East Sussex | BN8 6BN | Shop Tel. 01273 434002 | Weathercheck Tel. (01323) 811770 | email: info@airworks.co.uk © 2018 Airworks Paragliding Centre

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Laughton, UK



Before You Book

Before you book, please read our terms and privacy policy.

Age limits: Dual flights - 12 (can be waived in exceptional circumstances,) One Day Introduction & EP - 14, Club Pilot - 14.

Please Note: Lessons do not have to be taken on consecutive days and may take more or less days than stated, depending on the individual's ability. It is advisable not to leave too much time between lessons, as progression through your course will be detrimentally affected. If you leave more than one month between lessons, you will be required to purchase an additional days training (£99) for each month without flying. Courses must be completed within 12 months of commencing. On all our courses we will only fly if it is safe to do so and in this regard the Duty Instructors decision is final.

BHPA Membership

Membership to the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association is mandatory because it covers you for third party liability. This is taken out on arrival at the school.

Day membership is £18 and full annual membership is £128.

Personal Accident Insurance

Aviation is inherently dangerous and can result in injury or death.

Personal Accident Insurance is not included in your BHPA membership nor is it currently available through the BHPA. We strongly recommend that you take out Personal Accident Insurance for the duration of your course. You would have to arrange this prior to your lesson(s). We are aware that Sportscoverdirect offer such insurance

Airworks Paragliding Centre |BHPA Registered School No. 282 | Unit 4 Stone Cross Farm | Laughton | East Sussex | BN8 6BN | Shop Tel. 01273 434002 | Weathercheck Tel. (01323) 811770 | info@airworks.co.uk © 2021 Airworks Paragliding Centre


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